Lawrenceville NJ Fat Loss Tips: How Much Protein Should You Eat To Burn Fat?

Discover The Single Biggest, And Easiest Thing You Can Do To Sustainably Burn Fat Today

When most people come to work with us for our fitness training programs or personal training in Lawrenceville, they say they want to lose weight.

They think most of what they should do is centered around cardio, counting calories, and being hungry all the time.

We actually get them to do things they they thought were only for people who wanted to build muscle, and here’s why…

You Don’t Actually Want To Lose Weight…

You want to lose fat. Sometimes total body weight will go down as well, sometimes it will go up, and sometimes it will stay the same.

But the problem is, if we follow things we’ve all heard before centered around weight loss, we will lose more muscle than fat.

What that actually means is that even though weight will go down, our body composition can get worse this way…

Our metabolism will get worse….

Our clothes won’t fit any better…

And it won’t be sustainable.

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So What Should We Do Instead?

If your real goal is to lose fat, not just weight, you should focus on building as much muscle as possible.

This means strength training 2-3x per week instead of all cardio.

And you should eat a lot more protein than you think, which brings us to the point of this article.

If I didn’t know you and had to give you just 1 tip to help you lose weight, it would be this…

“You should eat more protein. This will help you build or maintain muscle while you burn fat, keep you fuller so you don’t have cravings, speed up your metabolism, and kill cravings.”

Ok So, How Much Protein Should I Eat?

One of the big things we focus on with our fitness, personal training, and nutrition coaching programs in Lawrenceville is keeping it simple, stupid.

I won’t give people a specific number of calories they should eat, or a certain amount of protein in grams per day. Instead, here’s what I say…

  • Shoot for 1 serving of protein in each meal
  • Have 1-2 high protein snacks or shakes
  • 1 serving is about one palm size of protein
  • Some good breakfast options are eggs, greek yogurt, and meat
  • Lunch and dinner options are chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, lamb, lean pork cuts, turkey
  • Snack options are greek yogurt, cottage cheese, quest protein chips, protein shakes or smoothies

I promise, fi you start strength training instead of cardio and focus on getting more protein, you will start to effortlessly burn fat and feel better.