A Holistic View Of Pelvic Floor Health With Dr. Michelle Dela Rosa Of Connect Physical Therapy


Welcome back to “Stay Healthy Mercer County,” the only podcast for active people in Mercer County who value their health.

On today’s episode, Cody and Dr. Payal sit down with Michelle Dela Rosa of Connect Physical Therapy in Hamilton, New Jersey to discuss a holistic model of pelvic floor health.

Michelle is owner of a multi-clinic specialized pelvic floor physical therapy facility, with locations in Hamilton and Howell, NJ.


On this fantastic episode, they talked about:

  • Why women with pelvic floor pain shouldn’t be uncomfortable discussing their pain
  • Why pelvic floor therapy isn’t just for women
  • What to do if you do any have pelvic floor pain
  • Who should seek pelvic floor therapy vs other options

and so much more.


If you are experiencing any pelvic floor pain, this podcast is a must listen to!

Michelle breaks down so many misconceptions about pelvic floor health, and gives actionable advice and tips.

If you’d like to learn more about Connect Physical Therapy and what they have to offer, check them out here.

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