7 Exercises To End Back Pain Fast

If you’ve searched for “How To End Back Pain”, we’ve got you covered!

You’re definitely not alone. Low back pain is one of the most common conditions we treat, and it doesn’t just happen to “old people.”

In fact, sudden or chronic bouts of low back tightness or pain can creep up in athletes and active adults at any age, so even if you’re not feeling anything now, it’s important to do some daily hygiene to prevent it from taking over your active lifestyle.

One minute you’re out enjoying working out, playing golf, or hanging with the kids and the next you feel like your back has suddenly “gone out”

Instead of panicking and spending the next few days on the couch, here are some exercises you can do immediately to get you back on your feet in no time.

The first few exercises are designed to get your body back into a good alignment so your muscles can be in the correct position to fire from. If we don’t start in a good position, there’s no way we can be successful.

The next few are designed to improve core and pelvic stability. The big movers here are the abdominal muscles (all of them, not just the 6 pack muscles), the hamstrings, and glutes.

Finally, the final few exercises are designed to get your hamstrings strong, so they can hold the position under load and fatigue. This is key to make sure the stress gets placed on your hips and not back when you return to sports or working out.